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Buy Horse Rugs Online

There is a wide and varied choice of turnout rugs on the market, the best turnout rug for your horse will keep him warm and dry while he’s in the field in all weathers, thanks to comfortable and durable layers. Rug design has indeed come a long way. luckily House of Tack has many rugs to choose from. Buy your next horse rug online with us today.

Which weight of horse rug?

So which weight will suit your horse? There’s no easy answer to this one, as his type, age, weight, workload and general health will all affect his ability to bear the cold temperatures.

Living conditions make a difference, too – With time, you’ll get to know your horse’s normal temperature range and how he copes with his environment.

Flexibility is helpful

Some rugs feature detachable layers or quilts as a solution to changing seasons and conditions, allowing you the flexibility to add or remove insulation as necessary. You’ll pay more for this option, but it might be a cheaper long-term solution than buying an extensive wardrobe of different rug weights.

Waterproof horse rugs to buy

A dry horse will be a warmer one, so it goes without saying that a turnout rug should be waterproof. A tightly woven fabric does tend to repel water (and wind) more efficiently.

The rug’s waterproof qualities come from the treatment of its outer material, so look for modern finishes and barrier technologies designed to keep the wet out. Incessant rain may eventually penetrate even a quality rug, most probably through any seams and openings, so opt for a seamless model to minimise this or invest in a spare.

Almost as important as a rug’s outer waterproofing is its breathability. Unless you want your horse to be wrapped in the equivalent of a sweaty plastic bag, pay attention to the rug’s ability to allow perspiration to evaporate. If you over-rug him, though, no amount of breathability will prevent the formation of damp and sweaty patches.

Rugging unnecessarily leads to weight gain

Horses are very capable of being outside without a rug unless the temperature dips below -5 to -10. They use a considerable amount of energy to keep warm and so, if he is too heavily rugged, excess energy will naturally turn to fat.

Remember to Rug older, younger, thinner or clipped horses sooner in the temperature range.

Please note that not all of the rugs or items/products are on the website so if you are looking for something specific or what isn't listed, please contact us via phone, Facebook or email as we have lot more stock.which isnt listed and will be adding/updating the website all the time



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